5 Feminist exhibitions to see this weekend

If you’re feeling inspired by the incredible Women’s March that happened around the globe last Saturday, then here are five feminist exhibitions you should go see this weekend. From Riot Grrrls in Chicago to Guerrilla Girls in London, you can delve into the history and the future of the feminist movement – and see some damn good art too.

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If you know of any other events happening this weekend that celebrate everything Trump stands against, comment below and share the love πŸ‘‡

1. Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s

Photographer’s Gallery, London. Until 29th January 2017.

feminist exhibitions @minkaguides london
πŸ“·: Untitled (Lucy), 1975/2001 Β© Cindy Sherman. Courtesy of Metro Pictures, New York

This is the last weekend you can catch this exhibition that brings together over 200 works by 48 artists, including VALIE EXPORT, Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman and Martha Rosler. There’s a lot of humour, a bit of smut and a whole load of second wave empowerment. Rock up before midday for free entry; Β£4 after. Saturday 10am-6pm. Sunday 11am-6pm.


2. Riot Grrrls

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Until 18th June 2017.

feminist exhibitions @minkaguides chicago
πŸ“·: Love Letter to a Violet, 2015 Β© Ellen Berkenblit. Courtesy of Sara Albrecht

Sadly not a retrospective of my favourite 90s movement (can you imagine how awesome that would be!) but this powerful exhibition does set out address the art world’s imbalance when it comes to the gender. Featuring the work of ten pioneering female artists alongside some powerful new female artists. $12 entry ($7 for students). Open all weekend from 10am-5pm.


3. Guerrilla Girls: Is it even worse in Europe?

Whitechapel Gallery, London. Until 5th March 2017.

feminist exhibitions @minkaguides london 2
πŸ“·: Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum? 1989 Β© Guerrilla Girls. Courtesy of Tate Modern.

Long before Daft Punk donned masks or Banksy tried to remain anonymous, the Guerrilla Girls were kicking ass and fighting for gender equality in the art world whilst in hairy monkey masks. Their current exhibition in London explores how much has changed since their European campaign in 1986. By challenging 383 museum directors across the continent to account for the content of their exhibitions and their collections, they continue to force our cultural institutions to own up to their outdated male bias. Entry is free and the gallery is open all weekend from 11am-6pm.


4. Sinister Feminism

A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn. Until 5th February 2017.

feminist exhibitions @minkaguides brooklyn
πŸ“·: Bailey Scieszka, Old Put Wrestling Promo Video, 2015-16, HD Video, 23:23 minutes. Courtesy of A.I.R. Gallery.

A.I.R. Gallery in Dumbo has been around since the 70s, showcasing only work by female artists. For their 12th Biennal, the curators held an open call for submissions that explore contemporary feminism. Their exhibition statement is pretty amazing: “We transmit the sense of hysterics. We smell. We hurl what we are required to withstand: our bodies, our selves. We are trying to reach you. We wildly grin.” Not sure if there is an entry cost but it is open all weekend from midday-6pm.


5. Nasty Women

San Diego, Lynchburg, Charleston, Omaha, San Francisco and Durham.

feminist exhibitions @minkaguides nasty women
πŸ“·: Nasty Women San Diego

The Nasty Women group show was originally in Queens (NYC) from 12th-15th January – so you can’t catch it this weekend unfortunately but they did raise an incredible $42k for Planned Parenthood! The project has since grown to include a number of other cities across the US and around the world, and this weekend you can go see the exhibitions in San Diego, Lynchburg, Charleston, Omaha, San Francisco and Durham! Plus there are more exhibitions coming up in the US and Belgium, Australia, Portugal and the Netherlands. Check out the exhibition listing on the link below.


If you know of any other events happening this weekend that celebrate everything Trump stands against, comment below – and have a brilliant weekend filled with love, hope and positivity!

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