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Relationship anarchy vs solo polyamory

If you’re new to non-monogamy, one of the things that’s hard to wrap your head around is all the jargon that doesn’t exist in monocentric relationships. When it comes to relationship anarchy vs solo polyamory, you’ll often see them referred…

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Fabulous new release and queer books

If you’re looking for something new to read, here are some of the fabulous new release titles I’ve read lately. Naturally, there are a lot of queer books reviewed here plus other tasty titles that have piqued my interest. Found…

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Is too much New Relationship Energy a warning sign?

While listening to the How To Fail podcast (Season 8, Episode 2) earlier this month, I started thinking about the purpose of New Relationship Energy (NRE). Journalist Elizabeth Day was discussing relationships with writer and comedian Samantha Irby when they both realised…

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Queer guide to polyamorous London

If you’re beginning to explore the wonderful queer world of polyamorous London, then here’s my guide to all the dating apps, events, podcasts and parties that you’ll probably want to know about. I’ve been active within London’s polyamorous community for…

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4 Polyamory podcasts for understanding non-monogamy

Like a lot of people new to polyamory, I read The Ethical Slut once and figured I knew everything there was to know. It took me a couple of confusing and painful years to realise I was pretty much flying blind and…

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Colourful & cute swimsuits for a fabulous summer

Hey there summer! It’s a bit of a weird one this year but how we have missed you. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the weeks before your beach break trying to find the most fabulous swimwear for this…

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UK queer hubs: LGBT events, festivals and more

If you’re visiting the UK to check out the queer scene, you’ll no doubt make a beeline for London. Of course, the capital is packed with iconic LGBT events and historic places to visit. But anyone who lives here knows that…

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Queer Edinburgh Fringe guide

Have you always wanted to visit Edinburgh Fringe but never been sure how to do it or what to expect? As the world’s largest arts festival, it can be a bit of daunting experience – and an expensive one too.…

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Barcelona Pride: everything you need to know

Considered to be the biggest LGBT+ Pride celebration in the Mediterranean, with over 200,000 people taking part in the celebrations each year, Barcelona Pride is a wonderful time to visit the city. This cosmopolitan beach city hosts one of the…

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