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Best brunch in Berlin’s Neukölln district

It had been 6 years since I last visited Berlin and in that time, Neukölln (which is pronounced Noy-kuln and not New-coln as I spent the week saying) has exploded into a really vibrant area. This is all thanks to…

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5 Fabulous gluten-free & vegan restaurants in Berlin

It’s hard to imagine a more veggie-friendly city than Berlin: a vegan dream that leaves ethical eaters spoilt for choice with options in every corner of the capital. However, I was pretty surprised on my recent trip to discover there…

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Best summer books for 2015

Heading off on your dreamy summer holiday and need something stimulating to stop you falling asleep in the sun? Check out the best summer books for 2015 – according to this book worm. 📌 Looking for more fabulous book recommendations?…

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5 Fabulous things to do in Leeds

I had my first trip ‘up North’ this month and I loved it! Living in London, it’s too easy to forget how much there really is going on around the rest of the country. So if you’re thinking of visiting…

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Review: Secrets Royal Beach – Punta Cana

I’ll put my hand up and admit I’m not normally a resort holiday kinda person. All that relaxing by the pool and worry-free dining? It isn’t really my thing. I prefer my overseas adventures to be a bit more challenging!…

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Festa Major de Gràcia: Barcelona block party or Anarchist war zone?

This article was written in 2014 after my trip to Barcelona. Check out my full Barcelona city guide here! In 2014, I had one of the most incredible travel experiences, when I watched the sunset from Park Güell and then…

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Review: Home Hostel Lisbon

You’re greeted with a high-five and a shot. In that order. But don’t worry, this isn’t a huge party hostel. In fact, the award-winning Home Hostel, run by its very own Mamma, lives up to its name by providing guests…

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Gluten-free chain restaurants and cafes in London

London has an abundance of chain restaurants and cafes; some are big international brands like Pizza Hut, Pret and Starbucks, whilst others are very UK specific, like Wahacca, Leon and Zizzi. Over the past couple of years, there has been…

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Best spring books 2015

If you travelling this Easter weekend, here’s some great new releases to keep you entertained on that long train trip or day on the beach. Take a browse through my recommendations for the best spring books for 2015. 📌 Looking…

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