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My year of UK travel

Welcome to 2019 everyone! If you’re anything like me, you partied loads on December 31st and are probably feeling a little fragile still. But isn’t it exciting to start a new year? So rich with possibility and fresh adventures. I’ve…

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Fabulous things to do this winter in London

Spending this winter in London? Or simply looking for some fabulous things to do during this icy season? Well, luckily for you, I’ve handpicked the best of everything the busy UK capital has to offer over the next couple of…

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Fabulous new books

Looking for something fabulous to read? Check out my latest book recommendations – both upcoming and recently released titles that I have loved. From meddling Irish grandmas to reimaging historical scandals, here are all the new books I think you should…

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Fabulous gifts for travel lovers

Trying to find the perfect gift for a fabulous traveller? Or simply looking to #treatyoself before a big trip? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In my rainbow-coloured world, you’ll find very little that’s grey or beige – and whole lotta fun…

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Review: Generator Hostel Madrid

The recently opened Generator Hostel Madrid is a modern hostel located just off Gran Via in Madrid’s city centre. Housed in a converted 1930s gas station, this 5-storey hostel is seriously spacious – with a large rooftop bar, hostel bar…

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26 Fabulous things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one hot, sexy, incredible city, filled with amazing culture, parties, sunshine, beaches and beautiful people. I’ve visited the Catalan capital five times in the past decade – so it’s clearly one of my favourites. I’ve put together my…

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17 Fabulous gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona

When people ask me about my favourite gluten-free cities, Barcelona is very high on my list. Coming from London, where gluten-free options are aplenty, I have very high expectations but Barcelona doesn’t disappoint. From banging breakfasts through to late night…

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Review: Market Hotel Barcelona

Open since 2004, the Market Hotel Barcelona is a charming boutique hotel in the city’s Sant Antoni district. Part of the flourishing Andilana Group (who own 30 restaurants and 6 hotels across Spain, France and Madagascar), their name is synonymous with…

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Everything I know about love

That’s me in the video, trying to be a presenter and not quite getting the point of it (as I clearly love the sound of my own voice more than anyone else). Thankfully, this wasn’t a career ambition of mine…

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