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Tried & tested gluten-free Rome

When researching restaurants in Rome, every gluten-free survival guide I read for this city raved about how amazing gluten-free Italy is; how you’ll find suitable things to eat at many restaurants and supermarkets and how you experience some of the…

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Overtourism: why I found it difficult to fall in love with Rome

It’s really rare for me not to fall completely in love with a city that I visit. I’m definitely a bit of a silver linings traveller, finding the best in pretty much every place I go. But I really found…

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Your 2018 summer reading list

If you’re readying yourself for one long, hot summer and need some fabulous books to accompany it, then here are all my book reviews for the season. From memoirs to thrillers to historical fiction (including Instagram influencers, the AIDS crisis…

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Fabulous local: Siobhan’s guide to Margate

One of Margate’s most iconic residents, it’s hard to miss mega-babe Siobhan with her goddess-worthy neon hair and outfits! I first met this gorgeous lady when she ran the merch stall at London’s infamous queer nightclub, Sink The Pink a…

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29 Fabulous things to do in Dublin

So much about Dublin surprised me: it’s a small city packed with music, history, parties and great places to hang out. It’s the perfect location for a weekend adventure, as you can walk everywhere and see it all in a…

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Review: Generator Hostel Dublin

Open since 2011, the Generator Hostel Dublin is a modern hostel located on Smithfield Square, north of the River Liffey in Dublin. Housed in a former hotel, this property has a very contemporary feel and a range of room types…

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Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains & Kilkenny: a day trip from Dublin

When I visited Dublin last month, I was desperately in need of some fresh air and rolling green hills. It had been months since I’d had a proper break from London so I was very keen to see a little…

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13 Fabulous things to do in Porto

I had such a fun trip to Porto! Yes, it’s filled with just as much sunshine and sightseeing as I’ve experienced in many other European cities but I left feeling very passionate about the experiences I had there. Since returning,…

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Exploring the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Here are all of my fave snaps from the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Tucked up in the north of Dublin, it seems a little out of the way from most of the city’s other tourist attractions, but in fact,…

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