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Review: Czech Inn Prague

Open since 2006, the Czech Inn is a luxury hostel located just outside the tourist district of Prague. Housed in a 19th-century Art Nouveau building, this gorgeous property features a range of room types – from stunning private apartments to…

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Fabulous reasons to travel every month in 2018!

Now that 2017 has been well and truly put to bed, it’s time to start making plans for this new year – “20 Slay Queen,” as my lovely friend Jono calls it πŸ’… Typically for January, there are a million…

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🌟 Best Of 2017! 🌟

I love doing an annual round-up each December! Like most years, I did so much in 2017 that I’d started to forget some of the amazing places I’d been over the past 12 months, so it’s great to wander back…

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Fabulous travel reads: best winter books 2018

If you’re getting cosy with a book these Christmas holidays or looking for something fabulous to read on a trip in the New Year, then check out these reviews for the best winter books I’ve read recently. From dispatches inside…

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15 Fabulous things to do in Prague

Prague has fairytale good looks and a reputation for being a great place to party on a budget. In fact, this city is incredible value for money and it felt amazing to feel like I had money to spend for…

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Where is winter 2017/18 taking me?

Hello fabulous travellers! Things have been pretty quiet around here recently. Did you miss me? Wonder where I’ve been? There’s a couple of reasons I’ve been so quiet of late… The first one is quite easy to spot. If you…

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Where is autumn 2017 taking me?

Summer 2017 was epic! And now it’s over…. 😞 Thankfully, now we start moving towards my favourite time of the year: the lead up to British Christmas! πŸŽ„ It’s Halloween this πŸŽƒ, autumn leaves that πŸ‚ for the next few…

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Review: Independente Suites & Terraces, Lisbon

Open since 2010, the Independente Suites and Terrace is a palatial bed and breakfast in central Lisbon. Housed in the former residence of a diplomat, this grand building has had a bohemian makeover to turn it into 13 suites and…

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Fabulous local: Disney Chanel’s guide to Hong Kong

I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous Disney Chanel in London when she was just a baby drag queen. Her crazy antics at Sink The Pink soon made her a family favourite and her signature look became a uniform…

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