Where is autumn 2017 taking me?

Summer 2017 was epic! And now it’s over…. 😞 Thankfully, now we start moving towards my favourite time of the year: the lead up to British Christmas! πŸŽ„ It’s Halloween this πŸŽƒ, autumn leaves that πŸ‚ for the next few months. Except when I’m in Australia that is! Read on….

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Things to do in Paris @minkaguides - autumn 2017

I started off September with a trip to Paris and it was dreamy. I hadn’t been back in 2.5 years and I realised it’s one of the few places in the world where I love being super touristy. Take a look at my Instagram to see all my pictures from last weekend, including some fabulous gluten-free eats! Yum.


Bestival @minkaguides

Yes, I’m heading back to Bestival this weekend for a fourth year with Sink The Pink! If you’re heading there as well, come see me and the gang host your Saturday night party at the new festival location in Dorset. (No more ferries – woo!)


In the summer I started my brand spanking new job at Hostelworld! I’m now part of the Content and Social Media team, which is pretty awesome, and next week I’ll be flying to Australia for a massive event we’re doing.

First up, I get to spend the weekend in Melbourne with my best friend Josh, which I can’t wait for. Then I’m off to a SECRET LOCATION in Australia for a week where we are creating the world’s most unique hostel experience (want to know more? Keep an eye on my Instagram). Then I head to the Sunshine Coast to spend a couple of days with my mum before flying back to London. It’s going to be two crazy busy weeks – but I can’t wait to go home to Oz!



Things to do in Dublin @minkaguides - autumn 2017

Next month, I’m off to Dublin withΒ Hostelworld which I’m so excited about as I’ve never been before! That’s where the companies Head Office is, so I figure this will be the first of many trips there thankfully. Have any top tips for Dublin? Comment below and share the love!


Who knows? I might have a mega weekend in Bristol! Or I might just slow down and have a breather…. 😊

Well, that’s it for me. What an autumn! Remember, you can keep up to date with my adventures by subscribing to my weekly blog email and following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Have a fabulous and safe season, whatever your plans are.

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