5 best solo travel destinations in Asia

Best solo travel destinations in Asia Siargao Philippines CREDIT Louise Burton-Unsplash

Travelling on your own can seem intimidating, especially for travel newbies with a million questions on their mind, but as Minka Guides says, solo travel can be such a liberating experience. It gives you full control of your itinerary and let’s face it – when was the last time you did whatever you want without having to consult with or report to anybody? Leaving behind my comfort zone and braving the unfamiliar, I’ve discovered some of the best solo travel destinations in Asia. So if you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s a little guide on five places that cater well to solo travel beginners.

Best solo travel destinations in Asia Lombok Indonesia CREDIT Jeremy Bishop-Unsplash

Lombok, Indonesia

Forget overcrowded Bali and visit the next island over, known as Lombok. Nothing short of enchanting, this tranquil island is off the beaten path and possibly more beautiful than its tourist-centric neighbour. With breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls and beaches, Lombok is incredibly peaceful, allowing anyone that lives a fast-paced life to truly unwind. For activities like yoga and surfing, you’re better off staying in Kuta (the town in Lombok – not the infamous Bali hotspot of the same name), where you’ll also discover quaint cottages and cafes.

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Best solo travel destinations in Asia Siargao Philippines aerial CREDIT Alejandro Luengo-Unsplash

Siargao, Philippines

Another surfers’ paradise in Southeast Asia is the picture-perfect island, Siargao. It’s the surfing capital of the Philippines, but if you have no interest in watersports, no worries. There are plenty of other activities to do and natural wonders to see. With many smaller islands surrounding the main one, you can spend your days’ island hopping, swimming in lagoons and rock pools, hiring a motorbike and taking in the spectacular scenery.

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Best solo travel destinations in Asia Singapore CREDIT Bna Ignacio-Unsplash


With one of the lowest crime rates in the world, this island nation that is the perfect destination for solo travellers. With English as one of Singapore’s national languages, it’s also a dream come true for first-timers who aren’t used to being out of their comfort zone. While Singapore is one of the more expensive cities on this list, their public transport options (plus the ride-sharing app, Grab) make it that much more accessible for those on a budget. As for things to do, it’s often best to pre-book tickets as attractions tend to be a little pricey, but you’ll save plenty of money by dining at ‘hawker centres’ – open-air restaurants that offer the best of local and regional cuisines.

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Best solo travel destinations in Asia Taipei Taiwan CREDIT Vernon Raineil Cenzon-Unsplash

Taipei, Taiwan

Whether you’re spending a week or a mere 24 hours in this city, there is something for everyone in Taipei’s urban oasis. The capital of Taiwan is spoilt with a beautiful cityscape and a gorgeous backdrop of natural landscapes. Taipei is the perfect mix of cultural and contemporary, with tons of museums, temples and national monuments to visit, as well as shopping malls, night markets and themed cafes. Taipei is easy to travel around, either on foot or public transit, and there’s much to see in this city, with friendly locals to help you find your way in case you get lost.

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Best solo travel destinations in Asia Tokyo Japan CREDIT Jezael Melgoza-Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan

Afraid of looking silly when eating alone in a restaurant? No worries. Arguably the best food capital of the world, Tokyo has pretty much mastered the whole solo dining experience. From vending machines with ready-made food to ramen hotspots with menu kiosks to limit social interactions, the Tokyo food scene is an introvert’s dream. Not to mention, there’s tons of street food, conveyor belt sushi restaurants, omakase dining, tiny bars, food courts and more. You could literally base your entire trip on unique food experiences, taking you all over via the city’s extensive subway network so you can squeeze in nearby sights as well.

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Best solo travel destinations in Asia packing CREDIT brandless-Unsplash

Solo travel tips

Now that I’ve covered the best solo travel destinations in Asia, let’s quickly cover some tips to make life a little easier for you.

  • Be prepared for long-haul flights. As Minka Guides suggests, always pack carry-ons appropriately, including things like clothes for warmth, accessories for comfort, pens in case of immigration forms, snacks, entertainment, among others. All those items help with starting your holiday off on the right foot.
  • Download the right apps. Make sure your phone is ready with all the city guides and translation apps you could need. Look for apps with downloadable offline maps, in case WiFi isn’t readily available or you decide not to get a local SIM card.
  • Bring some meds. Because you’ll be exposed to new cuisines that are drastically different from your usual diet, it’s best to bring meds for an upset stomach, heartburn and indigestion, along with painkillers and cold & flu meds.
  • Don’t forget your sun cream. Regardless of the climate of your chosen destination, your skin should always be protected. Believe it or not, it’s even possible to get sun damage when you’re on the plane if it doesn’t have UVA treatments on the windows.

Happy and safe travels, everyone!

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  1. Hi Minka!

    I was a little disappointed to find one of my favorite Asian countries omitted from your list. I hope you get the opportunity to travel to Korea. Seoul is amazing!

    1. Hi Stephanie – thanks for the recommendation! I’m yet to travel anywhere in Asia so will definitely put Seoul on my must-visit list.

      I’m sure my guest author for this piece, Amanda Chang, will appreciate the recommendation too.

      Is Seoul particularly good for solo travellers? Do you have any recommendations – places to stay? Unmissable things to do?

  2. Hi Minka,

    Thank you for replying. There are some beautiful places to visit in Seoul and travel throughout the city is super convenient thanks to the city’s subway system. There are buses and taxis aplenty, as well.
    Shopping in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun is an experience not to be missed, as is a trip to the trendy area known as Myeongdon! While there, be sure to take in a Nanta show at the Myeongdong theater.
    Itaewon, the area where the US Army has a large installation, features international restaurants, shopping, and a wild night life. If you like beer, look up the expat running club, Yongsan Kimchi Hash House Harriers, a drinking club with a running problem. The folks at the YKHHH run/walk every Saturday morning and are always happy to help out travelers.

    I also recommend a visit to the island of Jeju aka The Honeymoon Island. Beautiful island with lots of history and great food.

    1. This is incredible Stephanie! Thank you for sharing this 💙 If you ever fancy writing a guest blog about Seoul, drop me an email and we can discuss ideas 🤗

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