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 The Pavilion itself is glorious and really worth checking out, especially if you enjoy hearing the ludicrous stories of decadence about the Prince Regent (nicknamed "The Prince of Whales" by his frenemy, the infamous dandy, Beau Brummel.)

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Unmissable Brighton

Don't leave town with trying these...

  • The Lanes – Brighton is famous for this cluster of narrow pedestrianised streets in the main section of town. Packed with independent stores and cafes, this is a great area to wander around. Further up towards the station, you'll find North Laine with a similar vibe (but careful not to confuse them).

  • Hove – Brighton and Hove are two towns that form one city, and they run pretty seamlessly into one another. So it's worth exploring beyond the centre of Brighton to find great cafes and restaurants in other areas.

  • Vegetarian/vegan heaven – Brighton is right up there with Berlin and Melbourne in terms of being incredibly vegetarian-friendly! From Iydea to Planet India, there will be a feast of options pretty much everywhere you go. There's even an entirely veggie pub: The Prince George on Trafalgar St.

Queer Brighton

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