Budapest city guide

Budapest city guide
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What’s on in Budapest

Budapest city guide – discover gigs, parties and events:



Learn Hungarian

Duolingo is a fantastic free app for learning languages. Just 5 minutes a day is all it takes to understand the basics before your travel. Click here to see their Hungarian course.


Gluten-free Budapest

As a gluten-free traveller, I recommend using this handy Hungarian restaurant card by Coeliac Travel when querying gluten-free options on a menu. Click the image to visit their website.


Hungarian Gluten Free Restaurant Card

Why you will love Budapest

Split down the middle by the Danube, Budapest is a strangely unspoilt city. It is quite cheap to visit here and the city’s lack of money shows in the way that so many areas still seem unchanged by the last 100 years, aside from the fact that their exteriors are visibly crumbling. In addition to which, the end of communism saw a new generation convert the most condemned buildings into what has become known as ‘Ruin Pubs’, squatter-chic establishments that dot the Pest-side of the city. This all makes for some seriously low-rent romance in my opinion. I went in February when it was freezing with snow, and still lapped up the atmosphere of the place! Whilst Budapest has a similar sized population to Barcelona, its central area is comparatively smaller and pretty easy to navigate on foot, so it makes a great destination for a weekend trip.

Things to watch out for in Budapest
  • Crumbling buildings: in certain parts of the city you see scaffolding-like structures sitting in front of the buildings with signs warning you to look out above. These structures aren’t holding the building up, they’re catching falling bricks. It’s kinda scary, kinda amazing in a “what is health and safety?” sense. Same goes for some of the Ruin pubs to be fair – the buildings have been condemned – so watch your step inside.
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