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My city guides are the reason I first started Minka Guides. I kept looking around for a travel guide that could tell me all the fabulous places to go but came up with nothing. I wanted something that would tell me all the amazing brunch spots, the queer clubs and the unmissable things to do in every city I visited. So I asked my friends for their tips, visited myself and then started creating maps of all the awesome things I found. Soon, I realised I wanted to write more about my favourite discoveries and started blogging about the cities I visited. Thus, Minka Guides was born.

I’m originally from Australia, based in the UK and frequently travel to Europe, so you’ll find city guides for a range of fabulous destinations in all these places. Some cities I’ve visited once so far, other I return to again and again (and again). I’m also lucky to have friends live in so many of these cities, and they have contributed to my city guides with my Fabulous Locals.

All my city guides come with a map, which you can use on your phone when navigating a city. It’s the perfect way to find what’s fabulous nearby or worth checking out when you’re on the go. My maps are split into three sections: cafés and restaurants, pubs/bars and clubs, and everything else, which includes hotels/hostels, museums, landmarks and interesting places to visit. Aside from the map, you’ll also find blog articles rounding up great brunch spots and bars, reviewing hotels and covering events like Pride. You’ll also find tours you can book through Get Your Guide, my Instagram photos from that city, plus how to learn the local language in advance with Duolingo.

So, the only question is, where do you want to go?

Doing drag - Fanny Minka at Agent Provocateur party CREDIT Sink The Pink

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Doing drag - Fanny Minka at Agent Provocateur party CREDIT Sink The Pink
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