Colourful Dublin: street art, shopfronts and gay bars

I loved how bright and cheery the centre of this city is. The Dublin street art scene has imbued it with an infectious use of colour and design. As my friend Dave pointed out, even the electricity boxes have been painted with their own unique designs! Here are some of my favourite photos I took on my trip to Dublin last week.

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Dublin street art @minkaguides George Bar

🌈 Artist Josh McKenna has given Dublin gay bar The George an amazing makeover recently with this pop-ish mural celebrating LGBT+ Ireland.  It’s nearly a year since homophobic and neo-Nazi graffiti was chalked on the pub, which has been around since 1985 (eight years before homosexuality was legalised in Ireland), so this is a beautiful way of giving the bar a new facelift.

Dublin street art @minkaguides Frury Buildings

🍷 This mural, by French street artists Okuda and Remed (who are both now based in Madrid), can be found out the front of the Drury Buildings, an Italian restaurant on Drury St in Dublin.

Dublin street art @minkaguides Blooms Hotel1
Dublin street art @minkaguides Blooms Hotel 2

📖 These incredible paintings cover the iconic Blooms Hotel in Dublin. Named after Leopold Bloom from James Joyce’s epic novel Ulysses, the exterior of the hotel has been painted with these Art Nouveau murals of the book’s characters. 

Dublin street art @minkaguides Babooshka

💇 Check out this hair & beauty salon, Babooshka, in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. 

Dublin street art @minkaguides Smithfield Square

🎨 I stayed on Smithfield Square, which is where you can find this huge mural by Vadis & Tilf from the 2013 MURO Street Art Event in Dublin. 

Dublin street art @minkaguides Panti Bar

🌈 The PantiBar is an eye-catching gay bar/club on Capel St. Named after its owner, Ireland’s most famous drag queen Panti Bliss, the bar carries its raunchy red and black colour scheme from the outside in. Make sure you check out the incredible display of posters inside by the graphic designer Niall Sweeney.

Dublin street art @minkaguides Skate City

☠️ I love the exterior of Dublin’s oldest skate shop, Skate City, and it’s equally awesome neighbour, Connected Ink Tattoo. You can find this on Crown Alley in Temple Bar.

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Colourful Dublin_ street art, shopfronts and gay bars @minkaguides

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