Exploring Sydney like a local!

exploring sydney like a local @minkaguides

It seems that the amazing city of Sydney is everyone’s favourite travel destination. Well, this definitely doesn’t come as a surprise since Sydney really has it all. And with so many places to visit, sights to see and things to experience, there are also plenty of ways to explore this city. There’s nothing wrong with going by the guidebook, but if you want your vacation here to be truly special, take your time to explore it like a real Sydneysider.

Enjoy the picnics There are thousands of lovely beaches along the Sydney coastline. Some are really popular tourist attractions while there are plenty of hidden local gems, too. Take a look at this list here if you want to check out some of the less mainstream beaches that locals absolutely love. However, remember to take things easy and pack for a nice beach picnic. Water sports are really popular, but a true Sydneysider often spends their free time relaxing at the beach picnic and local festivals like Taste of Sydney. You can find a lovely picnic spot with a great view of both really crowded and quiet beaches.

exploring sydney like a local @minkaguides

Ferry boat ride Getting the chance to see some of the most famous Sydney landmarks is also something that locals enjoy. Sydneysiders respect their culture and heritage, which is why you should definitely do the same. Take a ferry boat ride and you’ll be able to experience the harbour in a completely different light. This includes an incredible view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House all the way to Taronga Zoo. Most of these boat rides provide a nice meal with their package which equals a perfect day out.

Eat local style Sydneysiders enjoy a fancy meal in some of the finest restaurants as well as some more authentic places and takeouts. In that respect, make sure to ask your local landlord or a friend about the best places to dine. You simply must visit Handa Opera, dine at local hipster burger places or spend some time at a beach-side Manly restaurant if you want something really unique to suit your palate. On the other hand, Lentil as Anything, New Shanghai and Room 10 are top choices for a cheap yet delicious bite in a cosy atmosphere.

exploring sydney like a local @minkaguides

The amazing Tower Eye Many Sydneysiders would speak praise about their city but no one can really say that they enjoy crowded streets. This is why one of the favourite local spots in the city is the Sydney Tower Eye. Make sure to check the Observation Deck because the view is breathtaking and you’ll be able to witness cityscape in its full glory. Moreover, if you manage to get a seat at 360 Bar and Dining, you’ll be in for some special treat.

Busy nightlife There are numerous classy and refined places in Sydney but that doesn’t mean that your nights can’t be wild and amazing. The local tradition involves few starter drinks in Darlinghurst and hitting some dance clubs later on. The best thing about dance clubs in Sydney is that you can easily find one (or more) places to dance your night away to your favourite music genre.

The best thing you could do before your trip to Sydney is actually finding good local accommodation. Not only will you have the opportunity to hear best possible advice on city exploration from a Sydneysider first hand, but you’ll also find yourself in the local neighbourhood that’s a great starting point for your adventure. If you don’t want to plan as you go, make contact with Sydney locals before the trip. That way you can get plenty of directions for creating your itinerary beforehand.

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