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They even had a sign up saying to ask about their gluten-free options, which I really appreciated, and they were happy to bring me some speciality bread to go with my breakfast. 

Review: Point A Hotel London Shoreditch

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Things to watch out for in gluten-free London

Top tips for dining out

  • Unmarked menus: some restaurants are very gluten-free friendly but don’t mark the options on their menus (booooo!). So, ask your waiter what they would recommend.

  • Gluten-free option: some menus will mark a meal as a ‘gluten-free option’. This means that it isn’t gluten-free, but they can adjust the ingredients easily for you. Just make sure to specify that you want it gluten-free.

  • Allergy vs intolerant: many restaurants will ask if you have an allergy if you indicate you want a gluten-free meal. They are checking if you are coeliac so their chef can take extra precautions with the preparation of your food. Just let them know if you are intolerant (like me) or opt not to eat gluten.

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