Gluten-free London city guide

Review: Point A Hotel London Shoreditch

Open since early 2017, the Point A Hotel London Shoreditch is a budget 3-star hotel located near Old Street in East London. Housed in a new build property on a quiet street, this hotel has 181 rooms, which are mainly…

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Gluten-free Soho walking tour

I’m so excited to be launching my gluten-free Soho walking tour today! I’m always on the look-out for a foodie tour in every city I visit but can rarely find one that caters for gluten-intolerant travellers. So I decided to…

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Gluten-free chain restaurants and cafes in London

London has an abundance of chain restaurants and cafes; some are big international brands like Pizza Hut, Pret and Starbucks, whilst others are very UK specific, like Wahacca, Leon and Zizzi. Over the past couple of years, there has been…

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Things to watch out for in gluten-free London
  • Unmarked menus - some restaurants are very gluten-free friendly but don't mark the options on their menus (booooo!). This should be changing soon with the introduction of the new Food Allergen Regulations. In the meantime, ask your waiter what they would recommend!
  • Gluten-free option - some menus will mark a meal as a 'gluten-free option'. This means that it isn't actually gluten-free, but they can adjust the ingredients easily for you. Just make sure specify that you want it gluten-free!
  • Allergy vs intolerant - many restaurants will ask if you have an allergy if you indicate you want a gluten-free meal. They are just checking if you are coeliac so their chef can take extra precautions with the area the food is prepared in. If you are intolerant (like me!) or opt not to eat gluten, just let them know.
Why you will love gluten-free London
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