Melbourne city guide

Melbourne city guide
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What’s on in Melbourne

Melbourne city guide – discover gigs, parties and events:

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Why you will love Melbourne

If Sydney is Australia’s answer to Los Angeles, the comparison is only possible because in many ways Melbourne is very New York. And quite a lot like Berlin. In fact, it is up there with those two as the world’s most iconically hipster cities. Notoriously the place where people wear a lot of black and take their bicycles almost as seriously as they take their coffee, to dismiss Melbourne as painfully superficial would be to do it a great injustice. This city thrives with an abundance of creative and political energy, to an extent that to grow tired of Melbourne must be no one’s fault but your own because there is always so much on! I always find it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is I love so much about Melbourne; you really just need to go there to understand why it has such a dedicated following the world over.

Things to watch out for in Melbourne
  • Nightlife: don’t ask where the massive clubs are. If you want to have it large, go to Sydney. Melbourne is all about small bars and local pubs. INCREDIBLE small bars and local pubs mind you, where you can still have just as much fun.
  • Trams: if you plan on cycling around the city watch out for those tram tracks! And the trams themselves I suppose. You can’t buy tickets onboard anymore but you can travel for free within the CBD (Central Business District) so if you jump onboard without a ticket you may actually not be bunking.
  • Weather: Crowded House weren’t using too much poetic licence when they sang ‘Four Seasons In One Day’. Leave the house prepared for everything.
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