13 Reasons Why Patsy & Eddy Are Your Ultimate Travel Style Icons!

I’ve been rewatching the Ab Fab TV series recently in anticipation of the film being released tomorrow (*insert squeals of delight*) and it occurred to me that Patsy and Eddy are ALWAYS travelling. France, Morocco, New York: the world is their big bloody buggery oyster and they really know how to cut a path across the globe in style. It’s unbelievable to think that it’s been nearly 25 years since the first series aired on BBC, which means they have been influencing the way we travel for a quarter of a century. Can any fan collect their baggage at an airport without wanting to jump on the carousel? #ticketsmoneypassport

1. They always know how to pack light…

2. …and it’s always culturally appropriate for their destination.

3. They only fly with the best airlines…

4. …and are always exceptionally lovely to the flight attendant.

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