Glastonbury 2016: my 10 favourite moments!

I am still SO TIRED! I cannot believe how broken I am after Glastonbury Festival. It was a weekend of emotional extremes – I swung between desperately wanting to go home and be as far away from the mud as possible to feeling like I had never been happier! What a wondrous, bizarre experience Glasto is. It really is so strange: you just have to experience it for yourself! So before exhaustion wipes my memory completely, here are my top 10 moments, counted backwards from the end.

Sunday evening: Block 9

(Image: Minka Guides) As a Sink The Pink performer, I had heard LOADS about Block 9 (mainly NYC Downlow, which many describe as their spiritual home). I visited here on Friday night and thought it was great but Sunday night blew me away! Being the last night of the festival, so many people wanted to be in this late night quarter – so much so that when we arrived at the gates for the South East corner at 1am they were closed. The area was over capacity and they were assuring us that no one would get in for the rest of the night. Thankfully, after about 20 minutes they did let more people in and we swam through the sea of bodies up to Block 9. Not only were all the club spaces (Genosys, NYC Downlow and London Underground) packed but the outside area was surging with revellers. The music was amazing, the light show was incredible and there was such energy to the area. No matter how exhausted we all were from the lack of sleep and the endless walking through deep mud, everyone was smiling and dancing; so alive with the vibrancy of the night. It was the perfect end to an intense couple of days.

Sunday evening: Cyndi Lauper on the Acoustic Stage

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