Barcelona: 5 things I learnt!

Barcelona. Lovely Barcelona. It isn’t a city that changes quickly. I always feel like it’s exactly as I left it on my last visit. Which is great because I LOVE this place. I don’t want it to change! Here’re a few new things I learnt on my recent trip…

and make sure you check out my full Barcelona map and city guide here!

1. No Uber

Spain responded to protests and lawsuits by traditional cab drivers in late 2014 by banning Uber nationwide. So currently, there is no Uber at all in Barcelona, just in case you were thinking about getting one from the airport. That said, the taxi’s in the city are much more affordable than say London or Paris, so it’s not that different/cheaper to use a local service anyway. All this could change soon as the European Court of Justice considers Uber’s case so check online before you travel. In the meantime, they have relaunched in Madrid with Uber X (meaning licensed drivers unlike UberPOP) so it could make its way back to the Catalan capital as well soon.

2. Pickpockets

It was my 5th trip to Barcelona in 10 years, but this one will always stand out as the trip dominated by pickpockets. Three times (that I’m aware of) I was targeted, with three different bags being opened whilst I was out and about. Someone even managed to open the front of my fanny pack and scatter the contents across the ground! That was how I lost my keys. My phone was taken out of my backpack one morning in El Raval as I walked to brunch, and on another occasion, a different backpack was opened at Gràcia Festival. In all my years of travelling, nothing like this had ever happened to me before and it has made me incredibly wary about the security of my belongings now – and mindful of how important travel insurance is! Apparently, Barcelona is pickpocket capital of the world – and spending a day of your holiday at the police station is not much fun. I’m now researching safe and secure backpacks for future trips – I’ll link you here once I’ve blogged about it.

3. The Kylie Pool

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