Review: Walpole Bay Hotel Margate

The one thing I remember most clearly about my first trip to Margate a few years ago was cycling past the Walpole Bay Hotel. It has a gorgeously Edwardian facade and on that day the street surrounding it was filled with expensive vintage cars. Very exclusive and definitely not somewhere I could afford to stay, I thought. Later, I learnt that there was a vintage car event on in Margate that weekend, so thankfully the hotel isn’t always filled with people who drive Bentleys. In fact, this quirky boutique hotel has a very accessible and affordable level of glamour and must be one of the few 2-star hotels to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. Run by the divine matriarch Jane Bishop, the hotel is filled with character and charm: original 1920’s fittings, a Jerome Hillion hair salon, various works by the hotel’s patron Tracey Emin adorning the dining room walls alongside the Napkin Gallery (aka the Napery), which continues upstairs where you will also find the vintage memorabilia museum. Add to this that it’s a family-run business, where most of the staff are from one of the three generations of the Bishop family and you get the idea that this is as far from a Premier Inn as you can get. I stayed at the hotel twice this year and below is my review for my most recent trip.

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Rates £85-£145 per night.

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