Fabulous South London!

South London’s fabulousness may not be immediately apparent to a newbie, but you just need to scratch the surface. It’s not as showy or in love with itself as the other parts of the city, but I would argue that it is the real London; it’s authentic beating heart. And thus, you can find some of its best and longest-running clubs and venues here.

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Regular Events

Horse Meat Disco

(Image: Horse Meat Disco)

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start: if there’s one club in South London that you shouldn’t miss then, this is it. Every Sunday night without fail these guys bring pure, unadulterated disco goodness to the Eagle in Vauxhall. James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Filthy Luka, and Severino (all pictured above) kickstarted HMD sometime around 2004 and have since gone on to become some seriously in-demand DJs, playing freaking everywhere and everything. The queues for the club on Bank Holidays are legendary, as Sunday nights aren’t an option for most working folk. (My strategy is to get there at 7pm, have a G&T in the queue till doors open at 8 and then chill in the lovely beer garden till things kick off properly around 11ish. Otherwise, you could end up queuing all night). Make sure your visit to London includes a Sunday night so you can experience this legendary night.


(Image: Holly Revell)

Don’t let the Downton Abbey attire fool you, this is pure working class entertainment. If there is one South London club that can outdo Horse Meat Disco in length of fabulousness, then it is Duckie. Having just clocked up a whopping 21 years, which was celebrated with an extraordinary mix of fire-breathers, OAP tap dancers and drag queens, it is rather wonderful and special treat. Every Saturday night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern you will find a night of boundary-pushing performance and künst-disco. My fondest Duckie memory is after Pride a few years ago: I bawled my eyes out (after a day of heavy drinking) whilst watching a choir of gay and lesbian OAP’s sing something rather vintage and moving (as I said, I was quite inebriated) then marched sassily up to Eva Wiseman and said "Eva Wiseman. My husband thinks you’re great" before strutting off, leaving an even drunker Robin there grinning at her. Headed up by London’s new Night Czar, the divine Amy Lamé (more about her below), you can usually catch regulars such Scary Mary on the door and the Readers Wifes behind the decks.

Push The Button

(Image: Mike Kear)

I used to work with this guy (let’s call him Rich) who never shut up about this club. To him, it was trashy pop paradise, and he went every.single.time it was on. Anyway, years later, I finally went and checked it out recently at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and yes Rich was right. It IS great. If you’re a fan of the finer points of the last 2.5 decades of the UK pop charts then you will love this club. They literally had to drag me off the stage I was having so much fun lip syncing to Little Mix. Plus their house queen is the lovely Cola Phalquero, London’s sexiest cockroach (pictured above in human disguise).

Irregular Events

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

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