🌟Best of 2016!🌟

2016 was tough for pretty much everyone, right? There’s a collective energy of agreement on this around the globe seemingly. It was definitely a landmark year – and not for all the right reasons. So I decided to look back at the best bits of 2016 for me and remind myself of all the adventures and good times I had. Turns out, there were quite a few!


🌟 Best New Destination 🌟Amsterdam

I didn’t visit that many new places in 2016. I started the year in a pretty pressured job (working as a travel agent) and then was unemployed for 7 months (until I started with National Geographic Traveller last month. YAY!), which didn’t leave much in the way of travel funds. But I did make it to Amsterdam for the first time in April and it really blew me away!

I’d spent years thinking that it was some stag and hen do hell hole, littered with nasty bars and trashy weed shops. Turns out this is a tiny and easily avoidable part of the city, which is primarily gorgeous! SO romantic. SO beautiful. I was swooning the whole weekend I spent there and now can’t wait to go back.

🌟 Best New Discovery 🌟The Kylie Pool

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