Why you will love Stockholm!

If Sydney is Australia's answer to Los Angeles, the comparison is only possible because in many ways Melbourne is very New York. And quite a lot like Berlin. In fact, it is up there with those two as the world's most iconically hipster cities. Notoriously the place where people wear a lot of black and take their bicycles almost as seriously as they take their coffee, to dismiss Melbourne as painfully superficial would be to do it a great injustice. This city thrives with an abundance of creative and political energy, to an extent that to grow tired of Melbourne must be no one's fault but your own because there is always so much on! I always find it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is I love so much about Melbourne; you really just need to go there to understand why it has such a dedicated following the world over.

Watch out for:

  • Airports - Stockholm has 4 airports and some budget airlines fly to the ones nearly 90 minutes outside the city (Skavsta and Västerås), which cost twice for transfers. It may work out cheaper (and quicker) to fly to Arlanda or Bromma airports, which are 20 minutes from the city.
  • Card-only - many restaurants and bars are card-only. I would definitely recommend only taking 30-50% of your spending money in cash, as every brunch spot and all the outdoor bars I went to did not take cash payments.
  • Expensive city - speaking of money: like most Nordic cities, Stockholm is hella expensive. But if you head there expecting to spend a bomb, then you will handle it better. On average, I found the beer to be around £6-7 pint (or as my pal Lucy puts it, "festival prices") and the food was around 1.5-2 times the price of food in London. Some places were surprisingly cheaper, so head there armed with some of the cheap eats on this guide and you should be ok.
  • Summer - as is typical of Europe, many cafes and restaurants are closed for the whole of July and part of August or have very reduced hours over summer. There were still plenty of places to eat and drink when I visited in July, but it is something to be aware of. That said, summer is incredible here! So gorgeous and amazing!

Don't miss:

  • Brunch - Pom & Flora, Greasy Spoon, and Cafe Pascal.
  • Irregular parties - Danceoke, Kaffe, Kaka och Karaoke, Boi Boi Club, Moulin Noir, Slick and Mums Mums.
  • Venues - Celezte, Laika, Södra Teatern and Trädgården.
  • Pride - held late July/early August each year.
  • Hostels - Generator in the northern Norrmalm/Vasatan district.
  • Cinema - Bio Rio arthouse cinema.
  • Vinyl - Pet Sounds Records.
  • Museums - Abba, Biologiska Museet.
  • Budget eats - K25, Steam and Falafelbarren.
  • Sunny days - Tantolunden area for swimming and drinking in the city or Hagaparken if you fancy a little adventure.
  • YASH - I am totally besotted with the street art of Linus Lundin aka YASH, pictured at the top page.

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