Where is summer 2017 taking me?

I have such a fantastic summer lined up this year! Between travelling, performing and interning for Generator Hostels, I barely have a moment to spare before my big summer holiday in August. Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect from Minka Guides in the months to come. 😊

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Wow! My June is MEGA!!! I’m a little scared about how much I have to do this month but thankfully, it’s all very exciting stuff!

Mighty Hoopla

Summer 2017 @minkaguides

Mighty Hoopla festival is on this Sunday in Victoria Park!!! I am so excited to be performing on stage with Sink The Pink and to see All Saints, Years & Years and Technotronic. Tickets are still available here if you fancy coming.

Read my guide to this summer’s festivals here.

Sink The Pink: Children of the Revolution

Summer 2017 @minkaguides

My nutbag drag performance crew, Sink The Pink, are putting on their second ball for the year at The Troxy this month. The theme is Children of the Revolution – and it’s two days after the UK election! It’s always a powerful experience and I’m very interested to see what outfits people come up with! Tickets are sold out unfortunately but I might do another Facebook LIVE session in the foyer again so you can see for yourself. Follow me on Facebook to find out more!

Man Up!

Summer 2017 @minkaguides

Having made my drag queen debut last year, I thought it was about time I turned my hand at the other end of the binary and did a drag king show. Man Up! is The Glory’s drag king competition and it’s the largest of its sort in Europe. I’m very excited and quite nervous about exploring and expressing masculinity on stage. The event is free and attracts a fantastic crowd so do come along!


Summer 2017 @minkaguides

Yes, and finally some travel. Berlin was the first European city I ever visited (13 years ago) and I’m always excited to return here. My last trip here was 2 years ago and it was a pivotal moment in my life, for both good and bad reasons, so I’m looking forward to my return so I can create some new memories of Berlin. I’m there for 3 nights and I’ll be staying at the very exciting HΓΌttenpalast, which has caravans inside a converted factory. So cool!

The Glory’s Summer Ball

Summer 2017 @minkaguides

This is also something very new and very exciting for me. The Glory is holding their own Summer Ball at Stoke Newington Town Hall at the end of June and I’m performing in it! I can’t say much more at this stage but it does involve doing performing as one of my all-time greatest heroes in drag. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned for more details soon.


Phew! I’ll be happy once June is done and everything calms down a little in July.


Summer 2017 @minkaguides

My trip for this month is slightly longer than my normal monthly long weekends. That’s because I’m trying to fit 2 amazing cities into four fantastic days! I’ll be seeing both Edinburgh and Glasgow: both of which I really love and are both home to some great friends. In Edinburgh, I get to see Mark and Laura (who just moved back there recently from London) and in Glasgow, I get to see one of my oldest friends Bjorg before she moves back to Reykjavik. I’m travelling by train the whole way, which is my favourite way to travel, so I am really looking forward to this trip.


Yay! August! When I finally get to really enjoy summer.


Summer 2017 @minkaguides

My partner and I are spending an entire week in the Portuguese capital this summer. We always go to Barcelona every second summer, so this is a new experiment in that city/beach holiday balance. We’re spending the whole week at the beautiful Independente Suites and I can’t wait till to wake up here every morning! We’re planning on exploring the beaches outside of Lisbon each day, so if you have any tips on this, please do get in touch.

Well, that’s it for me. What a summer! Remember, you can keep up to date with my adventures by subscribing to my weekly blog email and following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have a fabulous and safe summer, whatever your plans are.

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