Sydney city guide

Sydney city guide

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Why you will love Sydney

I came of age in this amazing city, living here for 5 years in my late teens/early 20s, so I have some big love for this part of the world! I always say that Sydney is Australia’s version of Los Angeles (compared to Melbourne being its New York): hot and sunny, health and body-conscious, entertainment and plastic surgery capital. You get the idea. It’s a pretty dreamy city to live in and whilst it has risen over the last decade to become an incredibly expensive place to live (and visit), you can still have an amazing time just enjoying being outside in the sunshine, taking in the beauty of your surrounds. Spread out over so many areas, the city is being transformed by the sky-rocketing house prices as people push out into areas beyond the usual Bondi/Surry Hills/Newtown circuit, which means there are lots of exciting new places to explore.

Things to watch out for in Sydney
  • Lock-out laws: these heavy restrictions have radically changed Sydney, killing not just the nightlife in the centre of the city but causing many businesses to close and the culture of the city to disappear. The CBD is a bit of a ghost town in the evenings now and it’s important to understand the how draconian the restrictions are so you don’t get into trouble. Much of the nightlife has naturally moved to the areas outside of the restriction zone, especially to Newtown and Marrickville, so best go looking for fun in the Inner West of the city.
  • Getting stuck at Bondi: it is the iconic Sydney beach but make sure you don’t just go here. There are SO MANY beautiful beaches it would be a shame to just see the one crowded with tourists. Bronte is my favourite, as well as Tamarama and Red Leaf, and that’s just the start.
  • Tourist tan: you’ll stand out from the locals with your serious sunburn so don’t even think about leaving the house without protection, or you’ll risk looking like a total @$?%.
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