15 Fabulous things to do in Athens

Heading to the Greek capital? Here’s my guide to all the fun and fabulous things to do in Athens!

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Regular Parties

1. Banana Boys

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Banana Boys)

This monthly fiesta has been running since 2015 and its inclusive vibes, drag performers and free entry make it one party you shouldn’t miss.


2. Strap-On Unicorns

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Strap-On Unicorns)

Another crazy monthly party, these throw some super sexual trashy fun nights.


3. Blue Wednesdays

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Stathis Mitropoulos)

Head to the Blue Bird on Wednesday nights for a mixture of great tunes and drinks, presented by local DJ Stathis Mitropoulos.


4. Sunday Lovers

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Stathis Mitropoulos)

Another night from Stathis Mitropoulos is this fabulous Sunday affair at Key Bar.



5. Athens Pride

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Athens Pride 2016)

Usually held in June each year, this is a week-long festival with loads of inclusive events. Run entirely by volunteers, they also hold a fundraiser party every March so it’s worth checking this out if you’re in town that month as well.


6. Outview

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Costas Lycavittos)

Athens’ Queer Film Festival takes place every year around April-May and runs for 10 days.


7. Genderfest

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Outview)

A three-day film and performance festival hosted by Outview that looks amazing! It was held for the first time in January 2017 and hopefully will be back again next year.



8. A Man To Pet

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: A Man To Pet)

Even though this Greek goddess lives in London, she regularly returns to Athens to perform her alternative drag shows. If you get the chance to see her perform at home, you better not miss it!


9. Chraja

things to do in athens @minkaguides
(Image: Marianita Georgoula)

This long-limbed lovely does experimental drag and can dance like a demon too.



10. Stathis Mitropoulos (aka S-for-Sugar)

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Maria Kefala)

Aside from being the go-to DJ for queer events in Athens, he also has his own weekly nights, Blue Wednesdays and Sunday Lovers (above).


11. Vilma Rae (aka Methi Blonde)

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Vilma Rae)

She may no longer be Blonde but she’s still DJing a mix of cosmic and psychedelic boogie, disco and new wave.www.facebook.com/mynameisvilmarae

12. BΓͺte Noire (aka Alexandros Jache)

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: BΓͺte Noire)

Often on the line-up with Vilma, the disco dream BΓͺte Noire can be found behind the decks at all the fun parties in town.


13. Molly Bolt

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Molly Bolt)

“MOLLY // BOLT is the alter ego of Thrill Seeking//Fun Craving//Women Loving//Ever Changing//Ever Dancing Party Girls.” What’s not to love?


14. Drama Queers

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Drama Queers)

Are they performers? Are they DJ’s? Either way, their parties look awesome.



15. Booze Cooperativa

things to do in Athens @minkaguides
(Image: Greece Is)

Aside from having a brilliant name, this chilled cafe/gallery space by day turns into one fabulous party venue at night. It regularly hosts the BananaBoys and Strap-On Unicorn parties (above).



Know something else that is awesome in Athens? Comment below and share the love.πŸ‘‡


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Things to do in Athens @minkaguides

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