20 fabulous things to do in Barcelona

This hot, sexy city is one of my favourites – and you’ll discover there’s always something fabulous happening! Here’s my list of all the fun things to do in Barcelona. Know something new? Comment below to share the love! 👇

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Regular parties

1. La Ká

I went to their street party at the Gracias Festival in August and it was fantastic with a really lovely crowd and a very fun atmosphere. Started by “two lost-in-space alien queers Bazara Lemur and Barbayella Isfunny” (really Sandro and Jon) in 2013, it has grown into a monthly party Sunday night party at Poble Sec’s Sala Platforma – plus Pride, festival spots and irregular nights at LUX in Berlin. They describe their parties as a “mix between fluoro and galactic aesthetic, glam and queer language and self-made-looks” which is pretty much my favourite kind of party. Expect disco, pop and house mixed together by Sandro & Jon plus their regular guest DJ Muerta Sanchez (see more info on her below).


2. Churros Con Chocolate

One Sunday a month, Poble Sec club Sala Apolo turns into a full fiesta with this very popular gay club. Expect a mixture of pop (in English and Spanish), house music and Latin beats, spread over two floors. Doors are at 6pm and if you arrive early enough you are given churros with chocolate to snack on (hence the name). There is often a theme and many people take it very seriously. Expect a positive Sunday vibe, where everyone is friendly and no one takes it too seriously. Check out their upcoming events – both here and in Madrid.


3. UltraPop

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This popular Madrid party is launching in Barcelona this month at the new Safari Disco Club in Eixample and is set to be on every Saturday. If they are anything like the Madrid parties, you should expect some strong drag looks and a hipster crowd.


4. Pluma (NEW ADDITION – updated February 2017)

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Don’t miss this amazing new monthly party from my Sink The Pink sister, Joan Oh! Think DIY, experimental, drag, queer, alternative, performance and disco. And it is free!


Irregular Parties

5. Las Cinco

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These mega-parties are put together by pretty much everyone you will find on this list: DJ’s and organisers from the likes of La Ká, Churros Con Chocolate and POPair (see below) come together for one killer night at Poble Nou’s huge Sala Razzmatazz every few months. It’s such a nice idea that this party brings the community together and naturally this means the line-up is usually pretty huge for one night.


6. Elrow

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Described by a friend as “Sink The Pink for straight people”, you can find this club doing residencies and festivals across Europe – but Barcelona is their home at Viladecans’ club Row14 (just outside Barcelona) and these high-production parties should not be missed. You may need to swing by a party shop to rustle up an outfit as everyone dresses up for fun for these 12-hour marathon events. Think high-energy house and techno, with street performers and Elrow dollars you can spend on fun things in the five-roomed indoor and outdoor space. Expect most of the parties to happen in the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) once they have finished touring everywhere else over the summer!


7. POPair Party

“Funny beards and furry party” means you can expect lots of bears and the occasional weave. Or a Wookie as the above video from their February party shows. Their flyers tend to involve them adding beards to the faces of famous women (which, let’s be honest, is kind of an improvement) and is held at Eixample’s Sala Tango. It was held once a month on a Friday in 2015 but I’m not so sure it has been on that regularly in 2016.



8. Pride

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The festival is held from mid-June to early July each year and runs for about 3 weeks, culminating with the parade in early July.


9. Girlie Circuit

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This is mega ‘waterpark’ gay festival, held every August, is pretty mainstream but could be worth checking out for Girlie Circuit – the lesbian parties – that includes quite an impressive lineup.


10. Primavera Sound

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Spain’s answer to Glastonbury – but without the mud or the camping – is held in late May/early June every year. The line-up is always pretty mega and you can always go to the beach if you get a little overwhelmed.


11. Barrio Festivals

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Every summer many barrios (or districts) of Barcelona have their own week-long festival. These are for the locals, so you won’t find many tourists there but with a little hunting around online, you can find some pretty awesome street parties. La Ka (mentioned above) threw parties at both El Raval festival and at the Gracias festival this year, and I’ve been the to Catalan Gay Liberation Front street parties at the Gracias Festival twice and really enjoyed them.



12. Muerta Sanchez

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This babe DJ’s regularly with the La Ka boys (see above) but also throws her own parties like Boogie Nights, Bingo Musical and the Ping Pong Session.



13. Madame Jasmine

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Alternative gay-bar in El Raval that is pretty low-key but with a very fun crowd. Sunday nights are often their biggest party here but worth checking out any evening.


14. La Federica

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Cute cocktail bar in Poble Sec run by a gay couple. Pop-coloured interiors and good drinks. Best on Thursday-Sunday nights.


15. Sor Rita

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This little spot in central Barcelona isn’t a gay bar but it is as camp as all hell. High heels on the roof, pictures of Sam Fox and Almodovar stars on the walls, leopard print everywhere, with bingo and karaoke a regular fixture. If you’re in town in early October, don’t miss their anniversary party that includes a race in high heels (just make sure your travel insurance covers it first).


Other fabulous things

16. Mar Bella Beach

It’s THE beach in Barcelona. Kinda like London Fields but with naked people and surf. And this guy, if you’re lucky.


17. The Kylie Pool

Do your best recreation to Kylie’s Slow music video at the pool itself!

Read my blog about it here.

18. Palo Alto Market

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Opened in late 2015, this stylish flea market is on the first weekend of each month near Poble Neu.


19. Sitges

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If you need a break from Barcelona, Sitges is only a short train ride away. This charming seaside town has it’s very own (very gay) nude beach – just head over the hill to your left when you reach the main beach.


20. Miss Van

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Originally from France, this artists work is most closely associated with Barcelona where she now resides. I am a huge fan of her work and you can still find some of her iconic pieces of street art around the city as this is how she started out. These days she mainly exhibits in galleries so check her website for upcoming events.



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