15 Fabulous things to do in Prague

Prague has fairytale good looks and a reputation for being a great place to party on a budget. In fact, this city is incredible value for money and it felt amazing to feel like I had money to spend for once – and at many lovely places! Here are the top 15 things to do in Prague that I discovered in this dreamy city.

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πŸ“Œ Heading to Prague? See my Prague city guide here.

Outdoor adventures

1. Skateboard in Stalin Square

Things to do in Prague @masisandy
#sk8ordie πŸ“·: @masisandy

I wouldn’t have thought Prague would be skateboarding mecca, but this abandoned plaza is considered one of the most iconic street skating spots in the world. Perched high on a hill, with a magnificent view over the city, Stalin Square has a rather odd history. It was once home to the world’s largest statue of the Soviet leader – a 51ft high behemoth that took over 5 years to build and whose sculptor, Otakar Ε vec, killed himself the day before it was finally unveiled 1955. It lorded over the city’s skyline for 7 years until the government blew it up with 800kg of explosives. The square lay unused till the early 90s when skaters realised the plazas smooth floors, stairs, ramps and granite benches made it a dream location. So grab your deck and head for the hills by the Metronome in LetnΓ‘ Park.

2. Wander over the Charles Bridge

Things to do in Prague @fayacruzsuarez
Spooky! πŸ“·: @fayacruzsuarez

Like most things in Prague, you’ll quickly discover that this is no ordinary bridge. Originally built between 1357-1402, this bridge was once the only connection between Prague Castle and the Old Town. What makes it so interesting are the 30 Baroque statues of saints that adorn its sides – making it look rather wondrous at any time of the day (or night), like something out of Disney fairytale. This does mean that it’s often RAMMED with tourists, taking photos and rubbing various statues for good luck, including Saint John of Nepomuk with his halo of stars. I would definitely try and visit on a weekday, either in the morning or at sunset to avoid the crowds.

3. Discover sculptures by David Černý

Things to do in Prague @minkaguides babies
Giant babies. πŸ“·: @minkaguides

Once the enfant terrible of the Czech art world, David ČernΓ½ has stamped his mark across the city with some impressive, hilarious and freaky sculptures. The easiest ones to find are in Kampa Park, near the Charles Bridge: here you’ll discover the Giant Babies (that crawl along with what can only be described as square rectums for faces) and a fountain of two men pissing out the front of the Kafka museum. Nearby on Husova Street, keep your eyes to the sky to see the 2m bronze Sigmund Freud statue hanging from a roof with one hand. Suspended inside Lucerna Passage on Wenceslas Square, is ČernΓ½’s statue of King Wenceslas sitting astride his horse, which is dead and hanging upside down. The Giant Babies can also be found climbing the side of Prague’s TV tower (although they are currently being repaired). A little further afield, are Quo Vadis (the iconic car with legs) and my favourite, Brown Nosers (which allows you to climb a ladder and stick your head in a massive ass).

4. Marvel at the Astronomical Clock

Things to do in Prague @kaiteleine_
It’s astronomical! πŸ“·: @kaiteleine_

This public clock is surrounded by scaffolding right now but thankfully still on form, which is pretty great considering it was built in 1410. This crazy medieval contraption has a calendar, a zodiac ring, tracks the time the sun sets and follows the lunar phases. It’s also really beautiful and comes to life on the hour with a show from moving figures including death, lust and vanity. All in all, it’s an astoundingly beautiful piece of European history.

Indoors fun

5. Play billiards at Cafe Louvre

Things to do in Prague @minkaguides Louvre
The prettiest pool tables you’ll ever see. πŸ“·: @minkaguides

This divine Parisian style cafe has been lusciously preserved with a huge tea room and restaurant. The tea rooms are incredibly popular, especially for trying the thick hot chocolate and range of cakes (I tried both the gluten-free options and they were delicious!). However, you might not realise (unless you take a wander around the cafes many rooms) that it also houses some really gorgeous billiards (pool) tables. They are covered in duck egg blue felt and the room has a real vintage boys club feel to it. If you’re trying to escape Prague’s chilly weather for an afternoon, this is a wonderfully stylish spot to have fun with friends.

6. Explore the Klementinum Library

Things to do in Prague @emulapastir
Baroque beauty. πŸ“·: @emulapastir

This Baroque library is easily one of the Instagrammable locations in Prague – but you can’t take pictures so you just have to visit and see it for yourself! There are daily guided tours available, which sadly were not running when I visited in November. It’s definitely on my list of things to do on my next visit here so check their website for updated information about tour availability when you visit.

7. Pay your respects to the patron saint of bearded ladies

Things to do in Prague @minkaguides St Wilgersfortis
My kind of female saint. πŸ“·: @minkaguides

According to the legend, St. Wilgefortis prayed to God that she’d grow a beard so to avoid an arranged marriage. When she was successful, her father had her crucified. Nice one, dad This statue at the Baroque pilgrimage site, Loreta (near Prague Castle), is over 300 years old and features real hair for its wig & beard. I think she’s pretty awesome, especially for organised religion, and it’s nice to have a feminist/queer saint to visit.

Fabulous meals to enjoy

8. Brunch: Sicily Cafe

Things to do in Prague @nicoll_volenova
Cosy cafe. πŸ“·: @nicoll_volenova

There’s nothing particularly Sicilian about this cafe in central Prague, but it is filled with locals and their dogs (which I take this as a sign that it’s pretty good). They also serve brunch until 2pm on weekends and have a very vegetarian and gluten-free-friendly menu at all hours of the day (and night). I ate a double brunch when I visited here (yup, pancakes AND eggs) which set me up perfectly for a mega day of exploring the city.

9. Lunch: Mistral Cafe

Things to do in Prague @karissieyau
A really fabulous lunch. πŸ“·: @karissieyau

This place may look quite posh on the outside but inside is a wonderful restaurant that really shouldn’t be missed. If you’re looking for somewhere for a long, lingering lunch, this is the place. I couldn’t believe how lovely the food, interiors and service is here. I wanted to stay all day, read a book and eat, eat, eat. Ask for a table right at the back so you can enjoy the lovely daylight that floods into the conservatory. The menu has a number of gluten-free and vegetarian options and I’d recommend booking a table in advance during peak season.

10. Dinner: Las Adelitas

Things to do in Prague @lasadelitas.cz
Seriously amazing Mexican food! πŸ“·: @lasadelitas.cz

If there’s one place you must go for dinner in Prague, it’s Las Adelitas. They actually have 3 outlets across the city but I opted for their most central one, MalΓ© nΓ‘mΔ›stΓ­. Even on a quiet Wednesday night in November this place was buzzing – mainly due to the happy customers and the friendly staff, who are all from Mexico. The Margaritas were strong, the atmosphere was fun and colourful and the food was so more-ish that it made me wished I’d visited here on a Saturday night and drunk my body weight in tequila. I’d definitely be up for visiting all three of their restaurants on my next trip, that’s how much I loved this place.

Fabulous drinks to enjoy

11. Early evening: CafΓ© Neustadt

Things to do in Prague @simonajanatova
Pink lemonade. πŸ“·: @simonajanatova

This is a very chilled, artsy cafe bar is situated in a cute courtyard. It’s perfect for an early evening hang-out spot, especially in the warmer months where you can laze about on the small terrace, away from the outside world.

12. Cocktails: Dandy

Things to do in Prague @minkaguides Dandy
After dinner Dandy. πŸ“· :@minkaguides

Not every drinking den in Prague is a beer house. This “straight-friendly” cocktail bar is perfect for kick-starting a night out in the city or having one (or two) after-dinner drinks. Come for cute bartenders, stay for the French 77s under Β£5 (or is it the other way around?).

13. Something a little different: Absintherie

Things to do in Prague @kristopherson81
Hello green fairy. πŸ“·: @kristopherson81

Whilst this rather iconic tipple has been banned in the US and much of Europe for over a century, you’ve been able to find the Green Fairy in many cities for a while now – just a less toxic version (sans wormwood, is that right?). Either way, that’s not the deal in Prague. Here, the full-strength type that knocked your great-great-grandmother out for a few days is available. So if you’ve ever fancied trying real absinthe, this is the city – and the Absintherie bars on JilskΓ‘ Street and Franz Kafka Square are where you should try it. Not only is they are both beautifully styled but because they also have decent quality absinthe. Top tip for the uninitiated: make sure you request a good quality Swiss or French absinthe and ask for it to be prepared in the traditional way (with the spoon, sugar, fountain etc). None of those flaming shots business.

My friends recommend

14. DesignerEsra recommends: tour Prague Castle at night

Things to do in Prague @designeresra
Prague Castle. πŸ“·: @designeresra

I was so tired from walking so much during the day I didn’t get to take my lovely friend Esra from DesignerEsra up on her fabulous recommendation. Esra suggests seeing the expansive Prague castle at night, which is a great way to avoid the crowds. Discover Prague do a 3-hour walking tour that sets off at 5pm most evenings and only costs 300CZK/12 euros/Β£11.

15. Travels of Adam recommends: party at Club Termix & the MeetFactory

Things to do in Prague @firetothearcade
Live music at MeetFactory. πŸ“·: @firetothearcade

Another downside of all that walking was that I didn’t manage to do any partying beyond some good cocktails. My adventurous friend Adam from Travels of Adam recommends some fun places to check out if you’re up for some fun nights out. Club Termix is a fun gay club not too far from Dandy in the lovely Vinohrady district. Much further out of town in the south is MeetFactory, a huge warehouse that hosts live music and parties in addition to being a contemporary arts centre. Looks like it is well worth the journey to the Prague 5 district.

www.facebook.com/club.termixΒ /Β www.facebook.com/MeetFactory


Know some other fabulous things to do in Prague? Comment below πŸ‘‡ and share the love.


πŸ“Œ Heading to Prague? See my Prague city guide here.


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