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Gone are the days when people had to dress up in a three-piece suit or a beautiful dress when they hopped on a plane to jet off on a holiday. Now, it’s more about how to travel in style while still being comfortable. Imagine being stuck in an eight-hour car or plane ride with uncomfortable clothing and shoes? Luckily, there’s now a lot of options for fashionable travel clothes to choose from. Here are my tips for creating a travel style that focuses on both look and comfort.

Guest blog by Eliza Brooks

Layers are your best friend

Donning layers is especially important when you journeying between different climates. But even if you’re travelling cross country, layers ensure you’re prepared for the journey ahead of you. Make sure you have an extra layer in your bag that you can pull on in a chilly airport or take off on a warm bus trip.

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Use colours to stand out

Staying monochromatic with your style and personal items might be part of your hipster aesthetic but imagine rummaging through your luggage for your wallet or passport with everything inside looking the same? You’ll lose precious minutes and could even end up missing your flight. Time to stand out and start experimenting with some serious colour blocking. Go for an eye-catching passport holder and travel wallet in different hues. Grab a few luggage tags in bright colours too, so you’ll always be able to spot which bag is yours.

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Keep your toes comfy

You might look glamorous strutting through the airport in your heels or branded slides but the moment you’re in your seat in the plane, you’ll be taking them off, leaving your toes freezing the entire flight. Keep your feet warm by packing a pair of thick warm socks in your carry-on bag.

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Makeup to the minimum

There’s no need to go full-glam on your makeup just for the plane. Part of the travel in style look is to keep makeup simple. The air-conditioning on planes dries out your skin and your eyeliner and lipstick will probably leave you with smeared lips and raccoon eyes when you land. All you really need is lip balm or chapstick to prevent lip cracking. Plus, you can also use it to dab some on your cheeks for some much-needed glow towards the end of your trip. If you can’t live without foundation, opt for a tinted moisturiser instead.

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Bring a hoodie or a jacket

Even if you’re going somewhere warm, airports and planes are easy places to catch a cold as they’re heavily air-conditioned. Is there anything worse than getting sick on holiday? A lightweight but warm jacket or hoodie is mandatory for anyone’s fashionable travel clothes. Not only will it help elevate your regular look but it will also ensure you travel in style and comfort.

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Carry a tote or backpack

A stylish clutch or crossbody bum bag might go with your chic travel clothes but it won’t hold everything you need in transit. You’ll end up having to carry another bag on the plane which is not only pointless but means you have to keep track of your possessions. A big tote or backpack can make the trip easy-breezy since it holds all your items into one place. Plus, you’ll be a model plane passenger by sticking to the one carry-on baggage policy.

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Stick to flats

Speaking of keeping your toes comfortable – leave your strappy sandals in your luggage and just stick to flats when you’re in transit. This way, you’re not torturing your feet schlepping from terminal to terminal in an uncomfortable and painful pair of heels. Opt for a pair of Vans or Converse will give you that relaxed yet cool travel style look.

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