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Minka says: My lovely friend Adele was lucky enough to venture to the amazing Treasure Beach Jamaica – and came back raving about it! She popped together this guest blog with all her recommendations so you won’t need a map to discover this treasure. 🏖️ 🍹 🌴

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There are several ways to ‘see’ Jamaica. With the popularity of all-inclusive packages that offer great scenery and everything you need to enjoy the view brought to your lounger, many visitors may not venture far from their resort. Then there is Treasure Beach…

Situated on the South West coast of the island, Treasure Beach is a refreshing departure from the commercialised paradise of a standard resort break in the Caribbean. With an emphasis on community tourism, the area has maintained its flavour, heart and soul. Despite its increasing popularity, Treasure Beach remains a truly beautiful taste of Jamaican culture.

Treasure Beach Jamaica @minkaguides

Jake’s Hotel embodies the bohemian locale, featuring brightly coloured villas that pepper the coastline, each with its own unique name, design and feel. This eco-friendly hotel also features a spa, bar, pool, delightful gardens, and an open-air restaurant serving locally sourced Jamaican cuisine. In addition, yoga classes are offered and, true to the spirit of community tourism, you may bump into a local taking an exercise class with you. For added variety, pop next door to Jack Sprats for more open-air dining and traditional food.

While it may be tempting to purely enjoy the confines of the hotel, there are plenty of reasons to venture out and about. With a next to zero crime rate, taking a stroll on a summer’s night is a must, and there are also many organised trips to satisfy your spirit of adventure.

Treasure Beach Jamaica @minkaguides

Take a boat trip with Captain Dennis: the former fisherman can dock his speedboat at Jake’s Hotel and take you on a trip that will be burnt into your memory. A true conservationist in spirit, his adventure tour includes the Black River Safari, where he’ll narrate the host of tropical wildlife, from crocodiles to an endless variety of birds. Dennis can also take you to Pelican Bar, a swim-up watering hole situated off the coast, which is built from driftwood. If you’re lucky, you may even catch sight of dolphins on the way. Before heading back towards the hotel, stop off for food at one of the many restaurants dotted along the coast.

Treasure Beach Jamaica @minkaguides

Venturing further afield, Jake’s Hotel can organise a driver to take in some of the sites. Be sure to attend the Appleton Rum tour and experience the distilleries that produce this famous tipple. Finish off the day with a visit to YS Falls where you can relax and recharge in the waterfalls and pools that constitute the landmark.

With so much to experience at Treasure Beach, it’s a definite must-visit for those looking for a rustic and off-beat adventure in the Caribbean.

Treasure Beach Jamaica @minkaguides

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Treasure Beach Jamaica @minkaguides
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