UK city guides

UK city guides

Welcome to my UK city guides! Growing up in Australia, I think I must have consumed a lot of British TV shows, movies and books because I had a really romanticised view of life here from a very early age. Rolling misty moors, quaint little towns, snowy festive seasons - I wanted it all. In fact, by the time I was about 10 years old, I was determined to move to London and it only took me another 13 years to make my dream come true.

Living in London is so incredible I've often found it hard to think about living anywhere else. Of course, it's not as glamourous as some movies make it look. When I first moved here, a friend from home asked me if the city is more like the sparkling Christmas rom-com Love Actually or the gritty Mike Leigh drama Secrets and Lies. Thankfully, I think London is an amazing mix of both.

I also love being based in London because it means it's so easy to explore the rest of the UK. From Scotland to Cornwall, I really enjoy venturing around this tiny island and can't wait to head across to see Northern Ireland soon too. I'm also lucky to have friends spread around the UK and love popping to amazing cities like Brighton, Edinburgh and Margate to see them. There really is so much more to this country than London, with some amazing hubs of queer and creative energy just waiting to be discovered.

Being a country that is small in size but packed with history, it's also an amazing country for doing day trips. From Bletchley Park to the Bombay Sapphire distillery, you can pack a lot into one day in the UK. There is still so much I want to experience and discover about this country and I can't wait to keep creating more UK city guides to share with you.

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